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omg loool

If you don’t reblog this everytime it’s in your dash i’m judging you

Hahaha! OMG! 😂

((No this is actually the worst if the roles were reversed tumblr would be bitchin it up she basically just sexually assaulted him really people really REALLY))

((the last version I saw of this gif, people were INFURIATED. Rightfully so because the guy is going about his day and she basically attacks him. Ya’ll are fucking crazy. And if you’re all into equality then a male being attacked deserves your attention. ))


I tried to read the comments but my tears are flowing rapidly omfg I cant-

so this has been up for months and i’m tired of all you bitches bitching about the same fucking thing. Go call the fucking sexual harassment panda here for the love of baby fucking jesus. It’s a frikkin German comedy skit for fucks sakes and that is the whole damn point of it. Get off your high social justice horse and stick something else in those fat complaining mouths of yours. I’m sick of the hate over your stupidity to read previous comments or do research yourselves. /original posters rant finished.

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